About Us

We are a family oriented practice that focuses on making sure our patients are happy, healthy and comfortable. Dr. Kevin Chittenden and his team enjoy getting to know each and every patient and family, and we pride ourselves in serving our patients for their lifetime!

Below are a brief of our Vision, Mission and Core Values:

Mission Statement:

A comfortable place to receive outstanding dentistry, an establishment that stands behind what it provides, and most of all, a dental practice that earns the trust of its patients not by being right, but by doing what is right for the patient at all costs.


Cedar Avenue Family dentistry strives to provide such an amazing and unheard of dental experience, that people are excited to get their teeth healthy and tell their family and friends about it. We will set the bar to which all other dental offices are measured.

Core Values: 


  • We are true to what we believe in.

  • We do what we say we are going to do.

  • We are authentic and genuine.

  • We are at our core, ethical.


  • We accept that patients are vulnerable.

  • We prioritize emotional as well as physical comfort.

Compassion and Understanding

  • We are empathetic

  • We understand that not everyone is the same.

  • We accept that we are all human and imperfect.


  • We build relationships with each other and patients.

  • We work as a team.

  • We voice and listen to concerns.

Core Values:


  • We will have fun at work.

  • We will remain positive at all times.


  • We are committed to our word.

  • We are committed to our patient’s best interests

  • We are committed to quality

  • We are committed to each other as a team.


  • We value our patients.

  • We value each other.

  • We express gratitude.



Family Friendly

Exceptional Hygienists

We Listen & Truly Care

Kind & Friendly Staff